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“Working with Creative Concern on the development of our new website was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We are very happy with our new site and we were particularly impressed with the manner in which they responded to the requirements of our initial brief.”

John Sampson, Project Manager

URBED website


URBED, specialists in urban design and sustainability approached us to rebuild their website and refresh their online identity. We’d worked together previously on a number of urban sustainability projects across the Northwest, most recently on a vertical farm in Wythenshawe, so it was a pleasure to be able to help them and showcase their amazing projects.

Look and feel

It was important to URBED not to move too far away from their minimal brand identity as whilst they were well known, they do not have many touch points for their brand, so it was important to evolve their brand rather than take things in an entirely new direction. It was also important to them that the site be driven by their work so we took the approach to use as much of the varied and exciting imagery from their past and current portfolio.


The greatest challenge in terms of the build architecture was dealing with the huge quantity of projects URBED had completed and wanted to showcase. This was split into current and archived projects that needed to be presented in a different way on the site but were simple to convert when the project was finished.

Technical development

Our approach was to create a portfolio page that presented the entire catalogue which could then be filtered to meet the interests of the user. The filter could be added to and changed to provide as much flexibility as possible whilst providing for an excellent way of filtering the project view. Each finished project is presented in a report form, using a strict summary layout that presents the key aspects of the job with the best visuals.

We dealt with the issue of moving from a current to completed project by creating two views of the same content. Whilst a project is current and new information is being added it is presented in a blog format, allowing the team to simply add all kinds of multimedia in any format. Once a project is complete simply by choosing a tick box in the content management system the information is collated and present in the archived report card format.