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Communications for a sustainable future

“This team based approach has produced some truly outstanding, high impact and targeted results, which in turn, have helped our organisation achieve and sustain our strategic conservation goals in the Eden catchment.”

Simon Johnson, Director

Eden Rivers Trust

Save A River

The Eden is one of the most beautiful rivers in the United Kingdom. It is home to some of our most iconic species such as the Otter, Red Squirrel, Water Vole, Dipper and Kingfisher. Its flowing waters support Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout and Native Crayfish. Like all rivers the Eden is under increasing pressure. Intensive agriculture, sewage, urbanisation, invasive species, litter and sometimes just neglect and ignorance have all taken their toll. There is an urgent need to work together to safeguard the future of the Eden. We produced this film to encourage people to support and take part in efforts to ‘Save The Eden’ for future generations.

Music with kind permission of Ben Sollee, Daniel Martin Moore and Sub Pop Records.